Monday, April 27, 2009

The Expecting Family...

Several of my blog friends have asked to see a picture of the here is the Big Ern! (we call him Big Ern aka Ernie)

Here is a picture of the happy couple the day before the baby shower.

Finally, our Grand Puppy Nellari is going to be a big sister soon!

I will let ya all know when my grand-daughter arrives! It won't be much longer now!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Shower Pictures!

Yesterday (Saturday) was our daughter Jenelle's baby shower!

I have around 350 photo's to get developed, so you will have to take a little peek at a few I got from my digital camera. Next week I will post a few more :)

Photo of 2 baby shower cakes! Sorry, the flash hates white colored items! One was in a Care Bears theme and one was in a baby rainbow theme.

This is a photo of Jenelle with her best friend Sara who was gracious enough to help me out during the baby shower.

Picture of Jenelle, Sara and Mommy #2 (Sarah's mom)

Next photo is of Jenelle and her friend Tiffany and they are both pregnant!

Shelly with daughter #2 Sarah!

Jenelle opening up some of the gifts for baby Gianna.

Overall, we had a great time but my hubby and I are both exhausted! (not to mention broke, no one told me that baby showers cost $1,000 these days!)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New 3-D Ultrasound Pictures!

Our daughter Jenelle is expecting our first grandbaby within the next 2 weeks and just had her 3-D ultrasound done yesterday. It is amazing the detail you can see on these pictures!

Our new grand daughter will be named Gianna Nadine once she arrives.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Gorgeous Spring Day In PA!

Finally the rain has moved out! I was really getting sick of all the rain we have had here in PA for the past 9 days or so.

Today, its beautiful out! (sunny, blue skies and near 72 degrees)

My mother and I took our daily walk today for 60 minutes and I just had to get some pictures of this gorgeous tree across the street. As we continued our walk, we ran into a new duck family! (we have a small stream that runs through the property). We found a momma duck with 6 little babies. I am hoping I can get a few pictures of them in a few days, right now she is too skittish with her babies just being born.

Since I am a scrapbooker, I absolutely love photography, especially nature shots.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Monday, April 13, 2009

My hubby's accident!

My hubby had an accident this morning at work. He had just unloaded a truck full of appliances and various other supplies and jumped off the back of the truck and landed on some of the supplies (aka the copper tubing, pipes and wires). He ended up with a deep and nasty cut that required over 25 stitches and a trip to the ER.

He is home now and resting comfortably (with the help of pain meds).

Here is how the wound looks now.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chocolate Lollipop Baby Shower Favors!

Our daughters baby shower is almost here! It will be on Saturday April 25th.

So far I have made:

75 paper cupcake boxes that I filled with chocolate candies and 75 baby girl themed bookmarks with tassles. You can see them ---------> HERE

Jenelle's beautiful care bear theme diaper cake is at -----> HERE

Yesterday I made 50 pink colored chocolate lollipops in a baby buggy shape. I still need to make another 25 lollipops later this week. (picture is up above).

I also made 75 cute little white gift bags with yellow rubber ducky's on the front and filled them with goodies for the shower guests. (will get picture of those).

Since there will be a lot of children at the shower (about 24 of them) I bought little coloring books (12 pages) and mini packs of crayons, I figured they needed a party favor too and it would hopefully keep them busy!

You can find FREE Crafting Patterns and Projects over on my official crafting blog at Passionate About Crafting ---> HERE


Friday, April 10, 2009

What is Success?

I came across this poem last night while reading a book. I just thought it was beautiful and meaningful so I wanted to share it with all of my blog readers.

What is Success?

It's doing your work the best you can,
And being just to your fellow man;
It's making money, but holding friends,
And staying true to your aims and ends;
It's figuring how and learning why,
And looking forward and thinking high,
And dreaming a little and doing much;
It's keeping always in closest touch
With what is finest in work and deed;
It's being thorough, yet making speed,
It's daring blithely the field of chance
While making labor a brave romance.
It's going onward despite defeat,
It's being lean and it's playing fair;
It's laughing lightly at Dame Despair;
It's looking up to the stars above,
And thinking deeply of life and love;
It's struggling on with the will to win
But taking loss with a cheerful grin;
It's sharing sorrow, and work and mirth
And making better this good old earth;
It's serving, striving, through strain and stress
It's doing your noblest--- That's success!

- Anonymous

Monday, April 6, 2009

8 Months Along and Still Chugging Along....

Our daughter is now 8 months along with her pregnancy and feels as big as a tug boat! I must say, its a tad funny to see her waddle around now.

She has had some complications the past 2 weeks with her gall bladder which her doctor says a lot of preggie women develope gall bladder problems during their pregnancy.

I think seeing a pregnant woman's belly is a beautiful thing, I had to bribe my daughter to let me take more pictures of her for my scrapbook as she doesn't find it pretty any more now that she is larger and getting stretch marks.

Anyway, I have been busy preparing for her Baby Shower that I am hosting on the 25th of this month, hopefully Jenelle will make it to her own shower! They have caught her having a few contractions here and there and I told her that if she delivers around that time...well, we will just party without her LOL

To date: She has gained 38 lbs with her pregnancy.

~* Shelly *~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cleaning and Sanitizing Children's Toys

I am going to be a first time grandma soon and came across this information in Woman's World Magazine and thought it had some great tips that I would share with all of you.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Children's Toys

1. Shake them up!

Baby won't part with his favorite stuffed animal for long? Place it in a plastic bag, add some cornstarch, seal the bag and shake. Remove the toy and brush away the cornstarch for a cleaner, fresher pal.

2. Dishwash Them!

Load plastic toys (rattles, blocks, action figures, etc) on the top rack of your dishwasher and let them run through a normal cycle for spotless clean toys.

3. Soak them safely!

You won't worry about Baby coming into contact with harsh chemicals when you clean his toys with vinegar. Soak them in a solution of 1 part white distilled vinegar and 1 part water. Soak the toys for 20 minutes and then rinse them really good with clean water.

4. Give Them A Spin!

Teddy and friends need a good scrub? Toss those dusty plush toys in a pillowcase, knot at the top and wash on gentle cycle in warm water in your washing machine. Transfer to the dryer and tumble dry on low.


Courtesy of Woman's World Magazine 10/20/08

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pictures from our Garden Summer 2008

Every Spring my husband and I plant a garden at my great aunties house. Last year was no exception. We planted 6 different types of tomatoes, 5 different types of peppers, onions, zucchini, squash, canteloupe and a few other things.

We also plant numerous flowers and some strawberries.

Our Zucchini did the best last year, all of them were over 12" in length. Here is a picture of the Zucchini.

We are already planning our garden for this season. This time I will get better pictures of everything we plant and will update the blog as we go along.

~* Shelly *~

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