Friday, January 29, 2010

Trying To Stay Calm - Bollé Sunglasses Review and Giveaway

I don't know about all of you...but I am totally ready for winter to be over and for spring to arrive! My sunglasses have just about had one lense keeps falling out and they look just terrible! I actually wear sunglasses all year long...even here in PA because I had a seizure a few years ago and ripped my my eyes are very sensitive.

Anyway...if you love sunglasses or just need a new pair like I do, you should head on over to the Trying To Stay Calm blog and read the product review for Bolle Sunglasses and while you are there...enter the giveaway for a free pair in the Ruby Style (which happens to be my fav!)


Two Classy Chics - Small Home Business Product Reviews

Do you have a home business? Are you in Direct Sales? Crafter, Artist, Soapmaker or Seamstress? If so, you need to visit the Two Classy Chics web site!

Two Classy Chics is now doing product reviews and giveaways but they are only focusing on the small home business owner...a niche that needs to be filled. Both Chris and Shelly have over 20+ years (combined) experience in helping others network and advertise their home businesses, especially online.

They will heavily advertise your product review on several blogs, work at home mom forum boards, mom social communities, facebook and on twitter. You can visit their site today and see the glowing reviews they have been doing! Get your business out there and exposed in the highly valuable work at home mom community.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Yeah! More Fabulous Giveaway Wins!

The Fedex mail came! wootwoot! Today I received a fabulous win from Trying 2 Stay Calm blog! I won a 3 piece package of Arm & Hammer goodies! I got a free Arm & Hammer Pro Spinbrush, A full-size Arm & Hammer Whitening Toothpaste and a Arm & Hammer Tooth Whitening Gel kit. Yeah!!!

From Natlie's Blog ---> HERE I received my coupon for a free 3 pack of Duraflame Logs.

From the At The Fence blog, I won a Child's size Tomato Shaped Cutting Board and a Nylon cutting knife. Wow, I am impressed with these 2 products from the Curious Chef!

Over all a fantastic prize day!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grandbaby Updates!

Its that time again where I update all of my friends and extended family about our precious little baby G. For those who are new to reading my blog, my hubby and I became first time grand parents back in may 2009 to a precious little girl who we refer to online as Baby G. We are very fortunate that we see baby G every 2-3 days. a few days...she will be 8 months old! wootwoot! Time sure does fly! I can remember that last year at this time, I was growing anxious about the upcoming delivery of my first grandchild and was patiently counting down the days. Now...I count down the days until her first birthday.

She is finally talking to some extent...she says da da, ma ma, hi and na na. She is almost crawling...she gets up on all fours but would rather roll from point A to point B (LOL). She is too cute! She likes to dance...every time she hears music she rocks back and forth and expects you to do the same.

Today she went to church and was a good girl! She looked so cute in her dress and is now taking a nap...guess we wore her out!

~ Shelly ~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Win - The Activators Music CD For Kids and More!

A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway over on the Simply Stacie Blog --> HERE for a chance to win a kids CD "CD-My Gym Children’s Fitness Center Presents Aaron Nigel Smith Featuring The Activators" and later found out that I won a copy of it. Today it arrived! yeah! I am going to hold the CD for G's Easter Basket in April.

If you are interested in The Activators (tm) and their products, you can visit their web site ---> HERE


I also received my coupon from Mary over at MY NEW 30 blog for a FREE box of General Mills Cereal. She had a giveaway and I was fortunate to win a free box of cereal from her which my daughter has already grabbed the coupon from me LOL!


I have more wins that I have received and will be blogging them later this week.

~ Shelly ~

Winner - EcoSmart Organic Pest Control Products

I am happy to report that I have scored again! yeah me! I am very intrested in using organic eco-friendly pest control products and cleaning products around my home now that I have an 8 month old grand daughter who visits our home several times a week. Not only that, I have 2 pet aquatic turtles that I just adore.

Recently I entered a giveaway over on the Night Owl Momma Blog ---> HERE and found out that I was one of the winners of the EcoSmart Organic Pest Control Sprays.

The product I received is the Organic Home Pest Control Spray for indoor and outdoor use. It states that it kills and repels over 100 home invading pests.

Right before Christmas I got bit on my forearm by a brown recluse spider. That spider bite got infected and took 3 1/2 weeks to heal...and I have a nice scar from it. So today I received my prize and put it to work immediately. I found 2 spiders in my master bathroom and spritzed them with the spray. They were dead within seconds! Not only that...the spray didn't stink to high actually has a pleasant smell to it. The bottle states that it kills on contact and it did!

I am very happy about this win and I now highly recommend this spray. You can visit the EcoSmart site ---> HERE

~ Shelly ~

Swanky Aprons Product Review and Giveaway!

Wow...what a gorgeous apron! If you are looking for a new gorgeous apron (many styles and colors available) you need to head on over to Natalie's blog and enter her Swanky Aprons Giveaway!

This giveaway is open in the US and ends on Feb. 4th, 2010.

You can earn numerous entries into the giveaway by visiting the Swanky Aprons site, tweeting, fanning on facebook and so forth.

I don't know about you...but I certainly will be entering the giveaway every day! While you are on Natalie's blog, make sure you enter some of her other fantastics giveaways too!

~ Shelly ~

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Product Review and Giveaway Event!

I'm super excited to tell you about the Valentine's Day event that Second Time Around and Adventures of Paul and Natalie Blogs will be hosting for all of us giveaway addicts!

These reviews and giveaways will be posted on January 21st and 22nd. You will not want to miss out on these giveaways! Between Natalie's and Rachel's blog there will be 35 + winners! You heard that right! 35 + Winners! Make sure you mark your calendars! The giveaways will be posted in the mornings of those 2 days!

If you want all the details of this fantastic Valentine's Day Event, please visit the following link ----> HERE to get all the details. Plus...if you blog about the event before it gets started you can earn additional bonus giveaway entries! wootwoot!!!!


I Won A Rococo Kidz Dress!

Several weeks ago I entered a fantastic giveaway over on the Mint Green With Envy Blog for a chance to win this custom-made little girls dress by Rococo Kidz. The designer and seamstress is a girl named Elizabeth.

Anyway, I knew when I stumbled onto the giveaway and product review, that I was going to be entering the giveaway each and every day. Why you might ask? Because I knew my little 7 month old grand daughter aka Baby G would look darling in that dress come spring time. We have already made an appointment to get her spring pictures done in March and I thought this beautiful dress would be perfect for her. So, every day...I went to the Mint Green With Envy blog and earned my entry by tweeting over on twitter.

To my surprise....after the giveaway closed, I was announced as the winner! I was totally shocked but very happy about the win.

Elizabeth contacted me right away to get Baby G's measurements and to correspond with me via email about making the dress. She made it the exact size that we requested so that Baby G can wear it this spring. She then notified me when she shipped it and arrived!

I carefully opened my box and under the layers of tissue paper was this gorgeous 3 piece dress! She made the dress, the blouse for underneath it and the matching little panties. She did an excellent job...high quality fabric, finished seams and it is just perfect!

You can also find Rococo Kidz over on Ebay by searching for Ebay ID: Rocco*kidz

Thank you Elizabeth for making such a beautiful dress for my grand daughter...she will proudly wear it this spring.

~ Shelly and Baby G ~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spending Time with the Grand Daughter...

One of the most important things to me is spending time with my daughter and grand daughter. I absolutely treasure those moments!

It is really hard to believe that baby G is almost 8 months old! It feels like she was just borned yesterday. The saying that children grow up too fast...well, that is absolutely true!

Baby G is just about crawling now...but what I really love is that fact that she started to talk a few weeks ago. She now says mama, dada, hi and yes...Nana! wootwoot! She will wave hi and bye and puts her hands up when she wants you to pick her up :) She is such a good baby...rarely fussy unless she is sick.

Pappy and I are looking forward to taking her back down to the beach with us come May. We took her last Sept. but she was only 3 1/2 months in May she will be a year and we will have a great time down at the beach.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Enter To Win A Handpainted Sunflower Tote Bag!

Do you love handpainted goodies? Like sunflowers? If so, head on over to my official crafting blog called Passionate About Crafting to earn your giveaway entries into my first official blog giveaway! yeah!!!

Donna from Donna's Mailboxes & More graciously donated one of her beautiful handpainted large grocery tote bags for my giveaway. You can earn daily entries into the giveaway and it will end on Jan. 31, 2010

So head on over to Passionate About Crafting and earn your entries today!

Thanks Donna for sponsoring my giveaway!

~ Shelly ~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Handstitched Snowman Throw Pillow

I was visiting my local fabric store two weeks ago and in the clearance bin was this small snowman fabric panel for only .25 cents so I decided to purchase...after all, I love a good bargain LOL

I brought it home and realized it was a panel that you add handstitched embroidery accents to I got out my embroidery floss and got busy. The panel measures 5" by 7" in size and I used 3 strands of embroidery floss for my stitching. Once I finished it, I got out my homespun fabric and made a throw pill that measures 3 1/2" larger on all sides as compared to the measurements of the panel. I stuffed the pillow with fiberfill. Once that was done, I pressed back 1/4" on all sides of the panel using a hot iron to hide the raw edges...I then blanket stitched the panel to the front side of my pillow.

I think the pillow turned out cute...and it cost me less than $3.00 to make :) Now that is my type of handcrafted bargain!

~ Shelly ~

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adoreable FREE Crochet Pattern - Owls Refrigerator Magnets!

I have loved owls since I was a young teen...I am not sure what it is about owls, but I love them!

Anyway...a few days ago I was looking online for some free craft patterns to make some owl theme'd things and came across this free crochet pattern designed by Myra Shaw and you can find the pattern (and print it out) from her blog ---> HERE

It only took me 10-15 minutes to make each owl! I think they are too cute and they are proudly displayed on the front of my refrigerator right now and will eventually be moved to the front of my upright freezer in a few days which is where I display all of my owl magnets I have collected over the years.

If you like to craft, crochet, sew, scrapbook, etc. Come on over to my official crafting blog ---> HERE

~ Shelly ~

Marie Osmond Porcelain Dolls!

I have been collecting porcelain dolls for around 30 years now. One of my favorite designers of procelain dolls happens to be Marie Osmond. I love her Miracle Kid's, Raggamuffins and especially LOVE her Hershey Candy themed dolls since I live right outside of Hershey PA.

In the summer of 2008, I had planned on taking some of my dolls and getting them signed by Marie when she was doing a doll signing in Hershey....but, unfortunately, I was in the hospital for a 6 week hospital stay and missed it. I am hoping she comes back to Hershey PA sometime in the near future so I can get some of my Hershey theme'd dolls signed by her.

Every time she is on QVC selling her can bet a quarter that I am glued to my TV set and calling in to order one :)

I do have other dolls in my collection...a dear old lady who passed away about 10 years ago...gave me a porcelain vintage baby doll right before she died for my collection. She gave her to me because during her last few weeks of her illness, I was cooking and baking some meals for her and dropping them off. I just treasure that baby and have her sitting in a vintage wicker buggy in my guest bedroom.

I also love raggedy anne rag dolls...especially homemade ones by various crafters so I have about 30 of these in my guest room too!

~ Shelly ~

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mint Green With Envy Giveaway - Retro Lemon Print Girls Dress!

One of my favorite blogs to read is the Mint Green With Envy Blog as she does some awesome product reviews of items and makers that I have never heard of before. It is nice seeing new things!

Anyway, the Mint Green With Envy Blog is holding a giveaway for a beautiful retro-style lemon print little girls dress. You can check it out at ---> HERE

I think baby G would look absolutely fabulous in that dress!

The Giveaway expires on Jan. 22, 2010 so make sure you hurry up and get over there to submit your entries.

~ Shelly ~

Friday, January 8, 2010

I won some new fabric from Fabric Flair!

I am a big time making all kinds of crafts...but I am really passionate about sewing and scrapbooking. Several days ago I was over on twitter doing some networking and I saw a tweet about a giveaway over on the Fabric Flair blog. The owner of the blog was giving away 2 yards of beautiful fabric and I rushed right on over to her blog and entered.

The very next day I was notified via email that I was the winner!!! wootwoot! I was doing the happy dance! The fabric that I won and received today is just beautiful and since I am still remodeling our master bedroom into a cottage beach theme, it will go perfectly in there. I haven't decided it I would use it yet to make a new vanity cushion or make some throw pillows for my bed or bench...but I will definately be using this gorgeous fabric!

If you love fabric or passionate about crafting or sewing...head on over to the Fabric Flair blog and check it will be glad that you did!

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that she only lives 30 minutes from me! How cool is that??? Way cool!!!

~ Shelly ~

Never Enough....Giveaway...Win A Beautiful Apron!

I thought I would sit down this evening with my hot cocoa...relax and do some blog reading...I love visiting and reading the blogs of crafters! Anyway...tonight while I was surfing some blogs, I came across a blog called Never Enough.

Over on the Never Enough blog, they are holding a giveaway for this beautiful red and white kitchen is in red and white and once I saw the apron, I knew I had to take my chance and enter. While you are on their blog entering the give away, take a look around...these ladies know how to craft!

~ Shelly ~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peanut Butter Cookies With Hershey Kisses On Top!

One of my absolute favorite cookies to make for my family is those peanut butter blossom cookies using Hershey Kisses. What I really love is all of the variety of flavors that Hershey puts outs now in those kisses...I have made this recipe way too many counts and love experimenting with the flavored Hershey Kisses...such as the candy cane, hot cocoa, chocolate meltaway, cordial kisses and so forth. You can top them with your favorite type of Hershey Kisses.

Hershey Kiss Topped Peanut Butter Cookies

48 Hershey (tm) Kisses (milk chocolate or hugs)
1/2 cup shortening
3/4 cup peanut butter (creamy style)
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup light brown sugar (packed)
1 egg
2 tablespoons cold milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (I like Watkins (tm) Vanilla Extract)
1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
granulated sugar

Heat oven to 375 degrees F. Remove wrappers from Hershey (tm) kisses. Beat shortening and peanut butter in large bowl until well blended. Add 1/3 c. granulated sugar and brown sugar; beat until fluffy. Add egg, milk and vanilla; beat well. Stir together flour, baking soda and salt; gradually beat into peanut butter mixture.

Shape dough into 1" balls. Roll into granulated sugar and place on a ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 8-10 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove from oven and immediately press a chocolate kiss into the center of each cookie. Let cool. Store in an air tight container.

My Love For Lighthouses!!!

Since I was a small child (around age 5 or so)...we always took several trips every summer season down to the Jersey Shore for our family vacations. These were special trips because my mom was a single mom and we had to scrimp and save to afford these little vacations.

Every brother and I would count down the days until we were at the shore again. Matter of fact, 90% of my pleasant childhood memories happened at the shore.

Over the years...I grew to love lighthouses...just absolutely love them! I am fortunate that my hubby of 24 years also loves lighthouses so we spend a lot of our traveling time visiting various lighthouses.

It seems like every year for my birthday, mothers day, christmas friends and family give me gifts that consist of lighthouses...I bet I own around 200 various lighthouses!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Miss Valencia Anne Valentine Country Rag Doll

I love rag dolls and have collected handmade rag dolls for over 30 years...most of them are raggedy anns...but being an addictive crafter, I decided I would make and sew my own rag dolls to sell at my local craft shows.

I would like to introduce you to Miss Valencia Anne Valentine...she is a 22" country rag doll. I wanted my very first rag doll in my new holiday series to start with Valentine's Day...the day for lovers :)

Miss Valencia has a muslin body stuffed with poly-fill. Her hair is all made from tea-stained muslin strips. For her hair, I decided to dye my muslin in a mixture of 3 regular tea bags and 2 raspberry tea I wanted a very very light tint to her hair. Her eyes and mouth are handpainted and she has light blush cheeks.

She is wearing a mauve colored cotton calico dress with a small floral print and under her dress is a 3/4 sleeve shirt done in a solid dark burgundy knit fabric. She has dark burgandy fabric shoes (attached to her legs) along with removeable dark burgandy ribbed fabric leg warmers. From a distance, it looks like she is wearing boots. Her leg warmers can be removed or left on. I then did a heart shaped applique in dark burgandy cotton to the lower right edge of her dress and did handstitching to attach it. I think it turned out well.

If you look closely at her hair, you will see a matching fabric bow which I added as I thought it made her look more girlie :)

I think Miss Valencia Anne Valentine turned out beautifully and I can't wait to finish the next dolls in my holiday series.

If you would like to visit my official craft blog and pattern site, hop on over to Passionate About Crafting ---> HERE

~ Shelly ~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Thimble Collection...

I was busy dusting everything in my 2 curio cabinets today and thought I would take a few pictures of some of the items I collect.

I have been collecting thimbles for over 25 years and just love them. However, I don't just collect any thimble! I like to purchase thimbles to places I travel to or places (local) that I visit. I also collect thimbles that have designs that interest me such as the Hershey Chocolate (tm) thimbles, "Love Is" Thimbles (comic strip) or thimbles that have owls on them. I absolutely love owls and have collected some unique owl items since I was a teenager. (I will leave the owls for another post in the near future). I have a large collection of beach theme'd and lighthouse theme'd thimbles...because I absolutely love traveling to warm and sandy beaches :) I was cleaning and dusting, I counted up some of my, I have well over 150+ thimbles in my collection! I have 2 large corner curio cabinets and I display a lot of my thimbles in those cabinets...but I also have a large wooden thimble rack that is mounted on the wall in my craft room.

Anyway...over the next few weeks, I am going to blog about things I like to collect and some of my hobbies so that my blog readers can get to know me on more of a personal level.

~ Shelly ~

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mint Green With Envy PJ Giveaway!

If you enjoy wearing some of the finest and classiest pajamas made for women, then you need to head on over to the Mint Green With Envy Blog and enter the giveaway!

The giveaway is being sponsored by Layla Grayce and the fantastic prize is a pajama set in the winner's choice of color! wootwoot! Now ladies...we could all use a new pair of pj's this winter!

The giveaway ends on January 15th, 2010 and there are multiple ways you can earn entries.

Good Luck!

~ Shelly ~