Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What To Look For When Considering An Assisted Living Facility

Last year we were faced with the responsibility of taking care of my 83 year old aunt. Now that a full year has passed, we have come to the decision that she can no longer live on her own.

What is Assisted Living Care for Seniors?

Assisted living is housing that is directed towards seniors who can no longer live on their own, but don't require acute care or skilled nursing. These facilities provide the following types of services: secure housing, nutritious meals, assistance with medications, occupational activities and transportation to medical appointments. They usually have on-site 24 hour staff to assist with the needs of their residents.

When considering an Assisted Living Facility, here are a few things to consider.

1. Housing - Will the resident need a small efficiency or full-size apartment? Consider the floor plan when making a decision to make sure it meets all the needs of the resident/patient.

2. Cost - The majority of facilities will only accept private-pay, meaning that they rarely accept government or state money. Can you or your family member afford this type of facility?

3. References - Ask for references from current residents and their families.

4. State Certification - Inquire with the state licensing agencies to see if the facility has any complaints or code violations.

5. Availability - Is there a waiting list? If so, how long until a unit becomes available?

6. Transportation - Does the facility provide transportation to the resident for medical and dental appointments?

7. Cleanliness - Is the facility and grounds surrounding the facility clean? Who does the cleaning for the residents? Who takes care of the grounds surrounding the facility?

8. Occupational Programs - Do they provide extra curricular activities and programs that the residents can participate in? If so, are they included in the cost or are they additional?

9. Staffing - What kind of medical staffing do they have? Is this staff available 24 hours a day?

We have been interviewing and touring facilities for the past few months. I hope these tips will help you when considering if an Assisted Living Facility is right for you or your family member.

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