Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pennsylvania Winters....Suck!

I have been living in Pennsylvania full time since 1984 and let me tell you...even after all of this time, I am still not used to nor am I fond of....the long Pennsylvania winters. Nope, I am not a fan of snow, ice, freezing rain and the bitter cold!

My type of winter weather is the type of weather you find in Southern Florida, Southern California or better yet, Arizona. The cold weather here in PA....does nothing for me, NOTHING!

We had a very mild weather week last week and it was nice having temps in the 50's for most of the week. With that said, old man winter is back this week and hammered us with freezing rain, ice and snow mixed into it. We had a royal mess to deal with late last night and early this morning. ugh!

We are halfway through the month of January and already...I am counting down the days until Spring arrives. I hate being cooped up indoors during the wintertime and right now, I am definitely getting the heebie jeebies to be outside again in the warm weather and sunshine.

Bring on Spring!!!

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