Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cheap Fix: DIY Hanging Pot Rack

For the past several months I have been looking around for an affordable hanging pot rack to hang up inside my pantry closet. When I say affordable, I was NOT willing to spend more than $25 for something that no one will ever see but me since it will be inside my pantry closet.

Everything that I saw was $75 or more...sure, they were pretty but crap...all they were doing was holding pots and pans! Seriously? I am not paying $75.00 just for that!

Finally, I stumbled into the odds & ends section at one of the local stores and found a metal coat rack, towel rack..whatever. It can be used for a gazillion things around the home. Price? Try $4.99 which was right up my alley!

I brought it home and had hubby hang it up on the wall inside our walk-in pantry closet. He located the studs and used screws so that it would hold the weight of my heavy frying pans. There are 8 hanging hooks...4 large ones and 4 smaller ones. Each hook can hold one pan and I just love it!

Once it was up, I loaded it up with all of my heavy-duty frying pans and couldn't be happier! Matter of fact, I am going back there next week and grabbing another one so I can hang up some of my saucepans and lids too! That will free up another kitchen cabinet that I can use for other things.

While it might not be pretty like those expensive hanging pot racks you see in all of the kitchen stores, it serves my purpose, works beautifully and I love the price tag of less than $5.00 each! Yay me!

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