Friday, December 5, 2014

Protesting at Family Christmas Tree Lighting Events

Just like most people in the United States I have been following pretty closely the issues surrounding Ferguson and New York when it comes to these protests and outrage regarding white law enforcement officers and the black community. For the purpose of this blog post & rant...I won't state what my personal feelings are on that specific topic.

I first want to state that I am all for the Freedom of Speech and the Right to Demonstrate/Protest when it is done in a peaceful way and in a way that doesn't interrupt the lives of those who are not participating. With that said, let's get onto why I am pissed off and angry today.

Last evening we went as a family to a local tree lighting event. This was to be a happy occasion and something fun to do with the family.These types of holiday events attract people of all ages...from little kids through seniors. They are to be HAPPY events for the family and the community to enjoy.

However, after being at this particular outdoor event for 20 minutes a slew of protesters marched right on in with their signs, chanting and yelling. What the hell? They were frightening people, especially the little kids who were in attendance. That just isn't right!!!

As I stated, I am for FREEDOM of SPEECH and the RIGHT to DEMONSTRATE but come on now, bringing that bullshit to a family-friendly, outdoor tree lighting event is totally uncalled for. You have NO RIGHT to ruin a family-friendly event and to scare the little kids who were in attendance. This was NOT an all-adult event...tons of little kids were there and were frightened by your behavior and you totally ruined this holiday event for families who were in attendance. Shameful if you ask me!

Please get some common decency and go protest, march, yell, chant and do the things you do at locations where families are not gathering together for the holidays. You had NO RIGHT to ruin that event!!! NONE!

On top of that....get off the damn roadways! Go protest & march on sidewalks and in parking lots but you have NO RIGHT to disrupt traffic flow for others who are not participating. It should NOT take normal citizens 1 hour to go 2 blocks in their cars because YOU want to protest and march in the middle of city streets.

Well, I am stepping off my soapbox right now but damn it, that totally pisses me off that people can't have common decency and respect for their fellow citizens. Thanks for ruining our family night out!

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