Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring and Easter Home and Yard Decorating

Every year when the season changes I like to change up my home decor and my outside yard decorations to reflect the new season or holiday. When we had full-time children at home, we really went over-board with our decorating but have scaled it down quite considerably now that we are empty nesters.

This year I decided to get out just a few of our Easter decorations and most of them are ones that I've had for many years. Yikes...I need to update and get some new fresh things for next year. About 12-14 years ago my husband made me two 4 foot tall wooden bunny rabbits out of pine wood which I painted and decorated. Every year I put one on our porch near the front door and the second one on the little porch near our side door. They welcome holiday visitors into our home every year. I think once the holiday is over, I am going to give both of them a fresh coat of paint and new bows, they are starting to look a little shabby!

Right now the walkway of our front porch I placed a wooden "Easter Bunny Stop Here" yard sign since that is the walkway and door that my little grand daughter tends to use. Nearby that I have a few outdoor ceramic Easter eggs nestled among some flowers and grass.

In my family room I have a few stuffed bunny rabbits sitting out, a few ceramic Easter figurines sitting out and a small bunny rabbit throw rug in front the sofa. I love taking little plush bunnies and nestling them in and around my house plants which looks cute!

Last year I did pick up 2 sets of these resin bunny rabbit figurines after the holiday on clearance and ONLY paid $1.49 per set. I love bargains like that and I think they are adorable. I have one set sitting on an end table in the family room and another set sitting on top of our entertainment center.

Also outside I hung up a very large "Spring" themed house flag onto the flag pole that I got this year. I love the white daisy's and the cute red lady bugs on this flag! It's cute and I can leave it up until the start of Summer and then I will switch out the flag to another one. I also hung out on my little garden flag holder a small "Easter Bunny Welcome" flag which is way too cute too!

In our eat-in kitchen I did put an Easter theme'd table cloth, placemats and a centerpiece onto the table which looks really cute and festive. I did dig out a few of my spring theme'd kitchen linens and put them out on display too (dish towels, dish cloths, oven mitt and hot pads).

As you can see, I didn't go overboard this year but next year I really plan on going all out! Do you decorate for the Easter holiday? The spring season? Do you just do a few little touches or do you go way out with your home & yard decorating?

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