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Snack Your Way To A Hotter Body

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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Explains How To Snack Like A Supermodel

Old wisdom tells us that snacking between meals is a good way to get plump. But new wisdom tells us that snacking is a good way to keep your metabolism in gear and to prevent you from overdoing it at meal time. Who’s right?

“The truth is somewhere in the middle,” says Joey Thurman, celebrity fitness trainer, model, and nutrition expert. “Yes, snacking can be a great way to rev up your metabolism and keep you energized and satisfied. But if you are not snacking on the right things, then your mid-day noshes could be destroying your diet.”

Here are Thurman’s best snack foods for a lean, mean body and tons of energy (His favorite homemade snack recipe is at the end):
1) Hard boiled eggs: “Always keep hard boiled eggs at hand,” says the nutrition guru. “Make half a dozen at the beginning of the week and then store them in the office fridge.”

2) Roasted chickpeas. “Roasted chickpeas are a crunchy and satisfying treat, especially if you are craving something salty,” says Thurman. “You can buy them pre-made or make a batch easily at home. Add spices like cumin and chili powder to up the flavor without adding calories.”

3) Protein shake. “Nothing kills an ice-cream craving like a cold, frothy protein shake,” he says, “And it is wonderful for muscle recovery after a hard workout.”

4) Homemade granola bars. “Make your own granola bars using sugar substitutes like agave nectar,” says Thurman, “Use your favorite fruits and nuts and get creative.”

5) Snack clean with Thurman’s dried fruit concoction. “Here’s my favorite snack right now: I take a sliced dried apple and I top it with almond butter. Then I toss some coconut shavings and cinnamon on top. It’s out of this world…and best of all, it’s great for your body!”

About Joey Thurman: Joey Thurman is a health, fitness, nutrition expert and the creator of The Lifestyle Renovation, a website dedicated to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Joey was named the best trainer in Chicago by the Chicago Sun Times in 2015. He has appeared on CBS, WGN, FOX, ABC and WCIU sharing his insights as a celebrity fitness trainer, published author and nutrition expert. Joey’s work has been featured in publications such as U.S. News and World Report, People Magazine,, Inspiyr, TimeOut Chicago, RedEye, American Global Traveler, CaliDiet, Chicago Sun Times, and Brazen Women. Joey is a fashion model represented by Chosen Model Management where he works with brands including Neiman Marcus, Abercrombie, Jockey, Kohl's, and Carson Pirie Scott. He has also appeared on the covers of Healthy for Men and TimeOut Chicago. Joey is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), a Certified Corporate Nutrition Professional (CCNP) and a FITchef. For more information, please visit and follow Joey on Instagram and Twitter at @JoeyThurmanFit.

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