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10 Lifestyle and Career Tips for 2016

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Life is a series up and downs. Many people today are facing challenges they never expected. They have lamented they think it is ‘too late’ to create the life they always wanted, they believe they are ‘late’ to get married or ‘late’ to an opportunity or ‘late’ to accumulate the wealth they believe they need. But is it really too late?

People from all walks of life––from multi (multi) millionaires to struggling single mothers, from middle-age disenchanted professionals facing being ‘let go’ to executives in general who are miserable in the corporate world––and worse––have been 'riffed' before they have enough money to retire are facing financial hardships they never dreamed they would be facing at this stage in life. They are in a quandary wondering what next, what can they can do now, and more importantly has time passed them by.

Kristin S. Kaufman, a former corporate executive, founder of Alignment, Inc.® and author of the Is This Seat Taken? book series says, "it is never too late" and dares anyone who doesn't believe in second chances to think again. Further adding, "The joy of discovery is having the courage to take that next step, whether it's a personal goal yet to be attained, a midlife career crisis, or seeking a new adventure. Now is the time to dig deep, take a chance, and strive hard to make it happen."

Kaufman prompts people to discover or rediscover their core strength, revisit values and talents, and revisit their ultimate goals in order exceed expectations and enable them to move forward with confidence.

10 Tips to Set You Free and On Your Way in 2016

Face your fears they can lead to opportunity
Push yourself out of your comfort zone
Recognize that incidental encounters can change your life, and that individuals are placed in your life for a reason
Listen to your gut and follow your intuition––take risks
Always play to your strengths and surround yourself with people who augment, extend, and complement
Think forward. Never dwell in the past. The past is the past
If you want to own a company, get on with it
Stay connected to the world and listen to what it needs
Know your legacy is not determined, until the last breath is taken
Define success on your own terms

Time is of the essence––in life and in business. Any successful business person will tell you that a sense of urgency is a critical success factor for success of any type. If we are worried about it ‘being too late’ then one thing is for sure…..time slows down for no one. There has NEVER been a better time to explore alternative ways to enrich one's life–– nothing more liberating or exciting than creating the life you want whatever that may be: financial freedom, time freedom, and purpose.

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