Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wins...and more Wins!!!

I recently was MIA for 6 weeks due to medical illness...90% of that time was spent in the hospital. Anyway...while I was MIA in the hospital, my hubby graciously accepted a slew of packages for me and stacked them in one of our guest rooms. I have now been home for 2 weeks and took my time opening them all. It was like CHRISTMAS for me LOL!

Here is the short list of some of the things I won:

2 Rainbow Brite Dolls
2 Shrinky Dink Craft Kits
My beautiful lavender pearl necklace
5 bangle bracelets
sterling silver ring engraved with baby G's name (gave to J)
2 (6-packs) of diet soda made with stevia (bee hates, my mom likes)
my $350 twin size comforter (for guest room)
3 pairs of shoes for baby G
2 umbrellas from Kidorable for baby G (she is too young yet)
2 onesies, 2 dresses and 4 t-shirts for baby G
2 wooden puzzles from Oompa Toys (G for christmas)
14kt gold and rose quartz earrings
sterling silver and turquoise watch
heart shaped cake pan
Wilton puzzle cake - cake pan
case of disgusting cookies from Say Yes To Cookies (trashed all 4 pkgs)
wooden dominoes game
3 cartoon videos
something Mr Fox DVD video
3 books
organic cotton pillow protectors
girlie girl wall plaque (for G's room)
a beaded bracelet
pink hoodie for myself from NY & Co
organic cotton sleep shirt
organic cotton Tshirt
Washington Redskins Fan Tie (gave to bee)
Peppermint Foot Pampering Kit
2 fabulous sets of Magna Pods (used them to organize my med cabinets)

As you can see....entering giveaways and taking the time to read the rules & guidelines and being consistent with entering them can really pay off. My family is really enjoying all of our new things!


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Natalie A. said...

I'm glad that you are back at entering some giveaways! I bet it was great coming home to those great packages stacked up for you! Keep on getting better!

Oh, and I'm glad to hear those Say Yes To Cookies weren't very good!