Friday, November 12, 2010

Got Some More Giveaway Wins!!!

For the past couple of months I have won a slew of items from online blog giveaways, however...I have been really busy so I haven't had time to post pics & blog them like I used to do. I will try to get better at that from now on.
Today I received 3 of my wins. I got an adoreable 3 pc. Little Girls Summer outfit from an online store called Babies & Toddlers. I love how all 3 pieces perfectly match. We got the dress, pantaloons & a sun hat.
Then I won a 2 pc. little girls outfit which consists of a black T-shirt with a gold metallic owl printed on the front of it...with matching black pull-on pants. My grandbaby is going to be one best dressed little girl! I won this set from an online store called Petite Couture.
The final item that arrived today was from a store called Lime Tree Cove. I got a barmaid drink remixer bar tool which will make margaritas, mojitos, martinis and daiquris with ease. Lime Tree Cover also sent me a box of their cocktail spices. I am going to give this entire set to my daughter's boyfriend as he loves this kind of stuff!
Nice haul for one week!

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Natalie A. said...

Congrats on your wins! :)