Thursday, November 25, 2010

~* Happy Thanksgiving *~

I would like to wish all of my family and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! I know for myself, I have a lot to be Thankful for! As a person who struggles with a chronic illness and disease, I am thankful for all of my family and friends who stand by me and support me 24/7 as I battle to gain control of my own health.
I am thankful that I married a wonderful man who I have been with for over 27 years and been married for 24 of those years. My husband Sam is a true diamond when it comes to men in this world...I could not of married a better man. I am thankful for my beautiful 25 yr. old daughter who is the apple of my eye. I am so proud of her now that she has become a mother herself to my beautiful 18 month old grand daughter who is also the apple of my eye. I have so much to be thankful for!
I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving! Remember...this season is about being Thankful for what you have! Enjoy the good food!

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