Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 26th, 2011 Pennsylvania Severe Thunderstorms & Tornado's

Wow...this past Thursday evening around 5:30 pm or so, we had some severe thunderstorms hit the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area with high gusty winds, downpouring rain, hail, lightening and thunder that shook your entire house!

We were given a lot of warning that these severe storms with reported tornado's was heading in our direction so many residents here were prepared and on-guard for the approaching storms. When you think of a "Severe Thunderstorm Warning" you imagine that it is going to be bad, however, we did not IMAGINE this bad!

Within about 10 minutes, the sky was so dark that it looked like the sun had set and it was not even 6pm yet. As the skies got darker the thunder and lightening began. During the storm the thunder was so loud that you felt your home vibrate and when that gusty wind kicked up, you heard your windows rattle, tree branches falling and then...entire 60+ year old trees being ripped out of the ground by their roots!

This storm was absolutely terrible and was one of the worst I have ever been through in my 43 years of life and I sure hope I don't have to go through another any time soon. The hail from this storm ranged from pea-size hail to golf-ball size hail and many of my neighbors had dings in their cars caused by the hail.

These storms lasted for about 4 continuous hours, varying it's degree of intesity as it went on. By the time it finished, it was after 10pm and no one could really see the damage until the sun came up on Friday. When we went outside to see what the storm had done, it was horrifying to say the least!

We saw sheds that had blown away, outhouses totally gone, 60+ year old large tall trees ripped out of the ground by their roots, gas grills and trash cans blown 4 yards down and so much more! This area got hit hard...a lot of property damage ranging from house damage to car damage. Just terrible!

Like I said, I hope I never see anything like this again here in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.


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