Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gossiping About Friends or Ex-Friends is NOT Cool!

I think having friendships with other women is an important part of who we are as individuals. A good friend will be there for you through thick and thin and often times that friend will put you before themselves. I know this to be true because I have been Best Friends with my friend Renee since we were both 5 years old and to this day... We are still best friends and see each other every week! Renee has been there for me for the past 38 years and I have been there for her. As I sit here and type this...I really realize how much the two of us have been through together. It is nice knowing that I can depend on her to be there for me and she can depend on me to be there for her.

Over the decades as I have made new friends or lost old friends one thing that has always irked me off was the fact that some women like to sit around and "gossip" about their current friends and/or ex-friends. You know...I really don't care for gossip unless it is good gossip about a friend and the reason I despise gossip so much as I have been the victim of gossip way too many times that I care to count. It is a shame that "other" people usually believe the gossiper instead of going to the person that is being gossiped about and asking them for their side of the story. You know the old saying...There are always two sides to every coin and there is always two sides to the story that is being spread around as gossip.

What I found over the years and as I have matured is that the person who is sitting around spreading the gossip is usually the person who has the "major" issue and not the person he/she is gossiping about.

One thing is for sure...gossip ALWAYS gets back to the person who was being gossiped about and when it gets back to makes them angry and then after the anger wears off they get very hurt.

It is really a shame that some women/men don't have better things to do with their time than to sit around and spread gossip about another person...especially when that gossip is untrue.

Those are my thoughts today! ~ Shelly

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