Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Thoughts On The Casey Anthony Trial

For the past few years I have been closely following the drama that is Casey Anthony unfold on TV and various media outlets because I am a first-time grandmother to a precious little 2 year old girl.

My daughter is about the same age as Casey Anthony and my grand daughter is about the same age that Caylee Anthony was when she met an unfortunate demise that I believe happened at her mother's hands.

When I first heard that this precious little girl was missing I was sick and I mean physically sick as I just can't imagine not being with my grand daughter nor not seeing her ever again. As this drama unfolded over the months I grew to be really angry at Casey Anthony as everything pointed to her guilt and I felt she was very disrespectful to her parents.

I can remember sitting for hours in front of my TV every evening to watch Jane Mitchell and Nancy Grace on HLN and following the story as it unfolded and every night I would cry and my heart would just break for this little precious girl and her grandparents. What a terrible tragedy for all of them to have to experience. Just terrible! When I watched the jailhouse interviews I would get absolutely "furious" with Casey Anthony who seemed to ONLY be concerned about herself, her needs and her situation while her daughter was "missing!"

Now that the trial has started I watch the coverage every day as well as following Tweeters on Twitter who are in the courtroom and tweeting about the trial. It is a shame that this drama has to continue to go on and people continue to be hurt by a woman who apparently lived in a "different fantasy" world than the rest of us who live in the "real" world.

I have already drawn my conclusions up on this matter and I feel that the woman is guilty and obviously a habitual liar who doesn't know the "truth" about anything even if the "truth" slapped her in the face.

My heart just breaks and aches for George, Cindy and Lee Anthony and everything that they have endured the past few years. Just terrible!!! I do hope the jury finds this woman guilty of killing her child because I haven't seen or heard anything that sounds believable come out of Casey's mouth and she didn't act like a grieving mother at all. blah!!!

Well folks...those are my thoughts for today, hopefully this trial will be over soon so the Anthony family can begin the healing process.

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