Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bird Watching | Mommy Finch Laid 4 Beautiful Eggs In Her Nest!

As some of you know...I absolutely love birds and I love to go bird watching from time to time and every year I look forward to various birds building nests in my hanging flower baskets and this year is no exception.

About 10 days ago we saw a mommy finch flying in and out of one of my hanging baskets so earlier today we took the basket down to water my plants and low and behold...we got a brand new nest with 4 tiny little eggs inside! Each egg is no bigger than a dime! Mommy wasn't too happy about us coming near the flower basket but after we hung it back up and misted it with some water she came right back and sat in her nest.I will check it again in a few days to see if the eggs hatched yet and to give you all a progress report. I look forward to this every summer so I am very excited that for the 4th summer in a row...I get to watch the eggs hatch and then watch the babies grow and fledge!

~* Shelly * ~

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