Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birdwatching | Two of the Four Eggs Have Now Hatched!

Wow...check out these cutie pies! I blogged last week about a mommy bird (she is a house finch) who made a beautiful nest in one of my hanging baskets and then she laid 4 tiny little eggs. Well, we have hatchlings! This photo shows two of the hatchlings which are now 24 hours old. They can't hold their heads up yet and they have no feathers. They do have a light sparse layer of down on them but no feathers yet. They cry and cry for mom when she leaves the nest and so far she is really protective of them but let's hubby and I take photos and let's us mist the basket with water. We have had over 96 degree weather here for a week so I think she is happy about us misting water on the basket a few times a day. As soon as the other two hatch, I will get pictures of them.

Our other basket has 5 day old hatchlings in that one also with 4 little birdlets and they are also house finches but that mommy bird is pretty fiesty and not letting me get the photos of them.

I will update the blog in a few days with new close up photos of our new baby birdlets!

~ Shelly ~

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