Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dorm microwave cooking 101

Guest post written by Stephen Winkler

Most of the time, I'm too worried about studying to actually go and sit down at the dining hall. It's just entirely too much trouble and then also I would rather use that extra time standing in line and finding a table asleep if I don't have to be studying then. So is the life of a pre-med student. So you could say that I've become pretty handy at cooking stuff in my dorm room. It's just so much easier and quicker. Then I don't have to worry about not finding food I want or having someone mess up my order.

But I can always find some new recipes to fix in my room, so I used the few days I had before my classes started to look through and find some new ones. While I was searching for them, i saw the site After I looked through it some I decided to send it to my mom, who switched our home internet service over to a package on there.

I did find a few more microwave cooking ideas, like some potato skins. There's surprisingly a lot that you can do with a baked potato.

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