Monday, October 17, 2011

Planning A Month Long Trip Overseas

My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary earlier this year and now we are looking to take a month long vacation overseas to really celebrate our accomplishment of being married for over 25 years. We are thinking about taking this month long trip in April 2012 since that is our anniversary month.

We want to travel around Europe and check a few of the European countries to see what they have to offer. One bed and breakfast place that hubby contacted via the internet sent us some brochures and stuff but they are in Italian so now we need to find a document translation service to translate them to English for us. Yes...we do want to go to all of that trouble as this place looks perfect for us to spend a week there while vacationing.

We plan on doing most of our traveling by air and then renting a few rental cars once we are at the various destinations that we plan on visiting so hopefully that will keep some of our costs down. We are choosing to stay mostly at small bed and breakfast type of places and maybe one or two small hotels/motels. We don't want to stay in any large, over-populated, busy resorts! We want some alone time along with a lot of peace and quiet!

I hope once we do get to our destinations that we won't need to get any type of document translation done but if we do...I am sure we can find a few places to translate for us. We are really looking forward to this "second honeymoon" and seeing some new places and trying out some new activities...maybe even some skydiving if I can work up enough nerve! LOL

Have any of you ever traveled over to any of the European countries? If so, where did you happen to visit?

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