Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grand-Wee-One Loves Squirrels!

My Grand-Wee-One is a little over 3 years old now and since she was 2...she has had a facination with Squirrels! yes, you read that right, Squirrels! I am not sure what it is about them that is she so facinated about, but she loves them! We have a slew of squirrels around...way too many if you ask me so there are always a bunch of them in my yard.

They raid my bird feeders and chase off the birds on a daily basis which irritates me since my feeders were supposed to be squirrel proof. Well, they aren't! This one particular squirrel in the photo above she has actually named "Charlie" and trust me, she knows him from the other squirrels as he has a nice brownish patch of hair down his back and kind of walks with a limp.

Anyway, he shows up twice a day and she is always super excited to see him. Yes folks, the grand-wee-one considers "Charlie" her pet and her friend! LOL Geesh, I really wish Charlie would find a new yard to stalk or a new home somewhere else so that my birds can feed in peace!

Kids are so funny when they latch onto wildlife animals like this and consider them their friends. Like I said, it's cute until Charlie makes a mess in my yard and tears up my bird feeders and bird baths! ugh!

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