Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Best Product for Cleaning Aluminum Siding

Every week I will be updating my blog readers on some of the home remodeling projects that we have been doing. If you recall, hubby and I purchased a 60 year old home about 2 1/2 years ago that we are gutting & remodeling. We are hoping to move into our home come September of this year.

The home has it's original ugly white aluminum siding on it that is 60 years old. It's in fabulous shape but pretty dirty and stained up from over the years. Instead of replacing the siding, we have decided to paint it a pretty khaki color (the color of beach sand but a tad darker). Once that is done, our trim and shutters will be painted a medium shade of olive green.

We needed to get the siding cleaned up as the painters will be coming in a few weeks to pain the house. We tried a few products on the siding which didn't do a good job at all. Our siding has mold & mildew spots, algae spots, brown & black spots from something, etc. These spots and areas go around most of the house...not to mention, it was filthy dirty.

The great folks over at Krud Kutter supplied us with a starter kit of their product which included a ready-to-use spray bottle of Krud Kutter and a large concentrated bottle of Krud Kutter that we can mix with water to make more of the product.
Hubby first lightly misted the siding with the water hose and then sprayed the Krud Kutter on the siding. Within seconds the stains and dirt started running down the sides of the siding! yeah! This is a non-toxic product that doesn't smell and it works super quickly. A few areas he did need to use a soft sponge with some elbow grease to get them clean...but overall, the Krud Kutter did the majority of the work.
Hubby did this around 3 sides of our house (he still needs to the back side) and sprayed and rinsed in sections as he went along. As you can see from our photos, you can definitely see nice white & clean aluminum siding again! yeah!!! This product rocks!!!

If you need to clean your siding for whatever reason, we highly suggest that you give Krud Kutter a try. We love it and will be using it for all kinds of things around our house! Thanks Krud Kutter for making a fantastic non-toxic cleaning product!

Disclosure: Krud Kutter sent me a cleaning kit starter pack for this review. I did not receive any monetary compensation and receiving this product did not influence my opinion about it. My thoughts, suggestions for us and opinions about the product are unbiased, honest and true. Your thoughts & opinions may differ from my own.

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