Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring Gardening - Tulips in Bloom

I love gardening...all types of gardening from growing herbs on my windowsill to planting flowers and vegetables in my garden. Every year we increase the size of our garden and this year will be the biggest one we have ever attempted.

Right now we have flower beds going around 1/2 of our house. Hubby did a beautiful job landscaping those areas last year and now his hard work is paying off. This spring we enjoyed a beautiful crop of white & yellow daffodils (3 different varieties), bleeding hearts and several varieties of gorgeous tulips.
Since our tulips that we planted last year did so well, we will be planting more tulip bulbs this year for bloom time next Spring. I love the wide variety of colors that you can get and the fragrance is fantastic! Tulips are one of the easiest spring flowers to grow!

I don't remember which tulip variety these particular ones are but we just love them! They get about 8-12" high and are two-tone in color...very vibrant color and the petals have frayed edges which really help them to stand out and look unique among our other spring flowers.

Next week I will share some photos of other flowers we are growing in our flower beds with all of you who are interested in Spring flower gardening. My one tip for all of you is to buy your bulbs in early September (North East Coast) and plant them in late September before you get your first frost. Then come late March, April and May (depending on our cold winters) you will see beautiful blooming flowers come springtime.

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