Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remodeling The Master Bathroom

I have been on a mission the past few months to remodel and redecorate our Master Bathroom into a seaside santuary for myself and my hubby. We both enjoy the beach along with bubble baths. It's our unwind together time after a long and busy day.

(above) Photo 1: I finally found the perfect shower curtain a few months ago up at Kmart. I had to search for weeks for just the perfect one and finally found it there. Along with the shower curtain, I purchased matching seashell shower curtain hooks/rings. We also purchased the matching seashell themed wall boarder and put that up around the bathroom walls. We also decided to go with one of those brushed nickel bowed out shower bars...its not a straight across shower bar (curtain hanger thingy) LOL it hows out into an arc shape so that we have more room in the shower ;-)

The next photo shows my new wall peg shelf. I wanted a heavy duty wooden peg shelf that we could use to hang our towels and robes on in the bathroom. I finally found one down at the Jersey Shore back in September and purchased it. It fits perfectly with my neutral themed beach and seashell themed bathroom.

This picture shows the beautiful wall mural we put up on the biggest bare wall of the bathroom. It starts at the bottom (near floor) and goes up about 1 1/2 feet tall. It was really easy to just rub it on and it looks handpainted! It is not a sticker type of thing...a high quality wall mural that we purchased from Tatouge (spelling) and we just love it! It took us about an hour to apply.

As we work on the finishing touches of the bathroom, I will get more photos. I am really happy at how well this bathroom is coming together.


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Joaness said...

That looks beautiful Shelly! I love the seaside decor and since I know you escape to your tub when you need to unwind and Now it will be just for you.....