Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Won a New Bike From Schwinn!

As you all know...I love entering giveaways on various blogs and it is a passion of mine. I don't win very often but I do like to enter them because it is a great way for me to learn about new companies and new products coming out into the marketplace and often times those product reviews that are attached with the giveaways help to influence the purchases that I make.

Back in August of 2011 I entered a giveaway on a mommy blog every day trying to win a beautiful new bike from Schwinn and I am happy to report that I was indeed the winner and I finally got my new bike just last week! I couldn't be happier about this!

I am so impressed with the Schwinn company and their products that I am now going to purchase a child's bike for my almost 3 year old granddaughter for her upcoming Birthday this spring and I am going to purchase a new Schwinn bike for my hubby at the same time so that we can all go bike riding together! We are really looking forward to it!

I would like to thank Schwinn for sponsoring the review & giveaway on that blogger's blog and I am super excited to have been the winner! The new bike arrived and today my hubby is going to assemble it for me and once springtime gets here...I will be out pedaling around town on my new Schwinn bike!!!

If you are looking to purchase a new bike this year I would like to suggest that you check out Schwinn!

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