Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Neighbors Are Pathetic!

Okay...please excuse me today as I get something off my chest & do some venting today! A few months ago some new neighbors moved in beside us and ever has been H*LL around here, especially at night!

You see...this family of 4 (including 2 toddlers) moved in and they sleep from around noon until 9 or 10pm at night. Once they get up...all heck breaks loose! These folks don't give a rats ass that their neighbors keep typical sleeping hours and that they are being disrespectful by keeping their neighbors up at night. What do I mean? Well, we live in a 3-bedroom townhouse so we have a shared wall with these idiots! From 10 or 11pm at night until lunchtime the next day these folks are up. Here is a partial list of their noise activities that goes on all night long.

(by the way...they keep their own 2 toddlers up and make these toddlers keep the same waking and sleeping hours as themselves!).

* Mom loves to do her laundry from midnight until 5am. Almost every night we hear her damn washer and dryer going on for hours at a time.
* Mom loves to put the 2 toddlers into the bathtub between 3am and 5am and every night we have to hear them playing, laughing, screaming and banging toys off the bottom of the tub!
* Mom loves to stand in her bedroom and yell down the hallway to the toddler's bedrooms and curse them out, discipline them or what have you. When I say "yell" this woman wakes me up every night due to her yelling about something or another.
* The 2 toddlers play upstairs all night long which means we all have shared bedroom walls with them. We can hear them playing, screaming, laughing, balls banging off our walls, toys slamming our walls, closet doors name it, we hear it!
* Mom loves to do her household cleaning from 1am until 7am so we hear the dishwasher going, her vacuuming, slamming closet doors, slamming dresser drawers, yelling, name it, we freaking hear it.

Thats right folks...we are lucky to get 3-4 hours of sleep a night and since October...we haven't slept through one night of this BS yet! We have filed complaints and management has spoken to her and guess what? It did no good! She feels she can sleep whenever she wants and clean whenever she wants and make as much noise as she & her kids want to!

WTH? This woman doesn't work outside the home so there is NO reason why these kids and her can't sleep at night other than to be a pain in all of the neighbor's asses. She is so disrespectful! I know I have shared walls with neighbors and I don't do that crap all night long!

I am sick & tired of this BS but for now we are stuck since our house that we own is being rented out and that lease doesn't come up for renewal until September so we can't afford to move until then. I don't know we are going to survive this noise that she dishes out every freaking night!

Okay...thanks for letting me vent! I just had to get that off my chest! I don't understand why neighbors can't be respectful towards one another and be decent human beings.