Monday, January 13, 2014

8 Months Post-Hip Replacement

About 8 months ago I had a total hip replacement of my right hip. Learning that I needed a hip replacement came at a total shock 4 months earlier. Leading up to my surgery, I did everything that I could to get healthier so that I would have a better surgical outcome.

The first two months following surgery were extremely hard, especially the first three weeks. Those first few weeks I was in god-awful pain to the point I just wanted to die. At the time that I was screaming and yelling in pain, we didn't know that I had a torn knee from the hip replacement surgery. All of that tugging, pulling and twisting to get the old hip out and the new hip in...caused my knee to tear.

Once the third month rolled around the pain got better. I quit physical therapy which was making the hip and knee pain worse. Totally worse! Once I quit, I did my own therapy at home and got busy taking walks with my outdoor mommy walking group. We started out slow and then increased our distance and pace as the weeks went along.

At the six months post-op mark I was finally able to sit on the floor again and get up with some assistance. I was also able to bend down and pick things up off the floor. Furthermore, it took an entire six months before I could sleep on my right side again without having any pain. Finally, I was getting some decent sleep again.

It has now been eight months since I had my hip replacement surgery. The limp that I had immediately after surgery is getting better. I walk with no limp for about 20 minutes or so and then the limp kicks in again. I am not happy about that. I still can not get myself up off the floor by myself without assistance and I have to be careful on how I bend or twist my hip. If I do it the wrong way, the pain immediately shoots down my leg and up my right side of my back.

While things are not perfect, they are getting better. I am recovering a lot slower than most people due to my other health problems, Porphyria. With that said, I am determined to improve even more and once the winter weather breaks, I will get back outside to walk and do some light, short distance hiking.

A total hip replacement at age 45 is not fun and it certainly is not easy. Anyone who tells you that it is easy and that you will feel better immediately is a liar. It is a recovery process and for can be a LONG recovery process.

I will update you all again on my progress once I hit one year post-recovery. To Your Health!

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