Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Behr DeckOver - Perfect to Refinish the Front Porch Surface

Five and a half years ago my husband and I purchased an older home. It is quite large and has a lot of great charm. However, the previous home owners never got around to modernizing it and many of the home's features date back to the 1960's and 70's.

Over the past 5 1/2 years we have been going from room to room remodeling it and updating it. It is a big work in progress which is taking us quite some time to complete. As we go along, we are falling more in-love with our older home each and every day.

Back in early Fall of 2014 we finally found the time to refinish and resurface one of our two front porches. Both of them are flat cement but neither one of them have been touched for 40+ years. There were areas that were weather-stained and two smaller areas that were starting to crumble. On top of that, we had some surface cracks too.

Hubby got busy filling in the cracks and fixing up the surface of our large front porch. Once he had that all done we headed to Lowe's and got ourselves 2 gallons of Behr DeckOver in a light beige/natural color. We also picked up the chemical that was needed to treat the surface before we applied the Behr Deckover and a few paint brushes & rollers.

Treating the surface with the recommended chemical was a 2 day process. Follow the instructions on the DeckOver can. We treated it one day and then treated it a second day, 24 hours later. We then waited an entire 48 hours before we used the DeckOver product.

For our personal needs, we found that we needed two coats of the DeckOver, allowing it to thoroughly dry in-between each coat. It was a super easy process and we are totally pleased with the final results. We highly recommend this product if you need to refinish a front porch, back porch, deck, etc. I can be used on cement or wood surfaces and is super easy to use! In the photo above you can see our before on the left and our after on the right. Fantastic!!!

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