Friday, May 8, 2015

Gorgeous Spring Flowers in Full Bloom

Gorgeous Tulip
I love gardening...both vegetable gardening and flower gardening. During the spring gardening season I love to see daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and azaleas in full bloom. While these are not highly fragrant flowers, they sure are beautiful.
Pink Azaleas
Here in Pennsylvania I can grow all kinds of flowers and typically I start seeing spring blooms the very end of March...depending on the type of winter that we had. This year though, I didn't see them blooming until the second week in April.
White Daffodils
One of my very favorite spring flowers are the pure white daffodils. I planted these bulbs about 2 years ago and every year they get bigger and better. I do love yellow and yellow/white daffodils but the pure white ones are my absolute favorites!!! They have absolutely NO color them at all.
Pink Azaleas
We have 9 azalea bushes on our property in various shades of pink, rose, purple and dark red. When they bloom...they only bloom for about 2 weeks and then they are done. I guess you really consider them to be more of a flowering shrub than a springtime flower but nonetheless, I still enjoy them.
Red Azaleas 
Once Fall rolls around again we will be planting more tulips, lilacs and hyacinths so that I have some additional colors and varieties in my flower beds next Spring. After they are done blooming this season, they are all getting a much needed trim job and shaped up more nicely.

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