Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Low-Cal Fruttata Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Say hello to Fruttata freeze dried fruit! In case you’re not familiar, the crisps are created via freeze drying , the process of removing moisture from food through a dryer at -40°F. Made from the freshest fruits, Fruttata is the ultimate, tasty ingredient to incorporate into your favorite recipes. And, your guests will be blown away that the “surprise ingredient” in these recipes is, as Fruttata likes to say, “nothing but fruit!”

If you are watching your weight and counting calories like I am...this low-calorie fruit yogurt parfait is for you! Looks absolutely delicious!

Fruttata Yogurt Parfait Recipe

2 cups vanilla yogurt
1 cup granola
8 blackberries
1 oz bag of Fruttata Tropical Crisps freeze dried fruit

In a large glass or bowl, Layer 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/4 cup granola, 2 blackberries and 1/4 oz Fruttata Tropical crisps. Repeat layers an additional 3 times.

Disclosure: You can learn more about Fruttata by visiting their site online. This is a guest post/recipe.

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