Friday, June 26, 2015

Angelo Fizz Cocktail Recipe

I love this time of the year with all of the backyard barbecues, family picnics and summer parties that seem to be going on almost every weekend. It's nice to get together with family and friends...relax and have a good time! Today's cocktail recipe is courtesy of: Limoncello di Capri.

Limoncello di Capri’s story began at the start of the 20th century when Vincenza Canale, a hotelier on the island of Capri, was the first to offer limoncello, derived from the Caprian word “limonillo,” to her guests. Her descendants formed Limoncello di Capri S.r.L. in 1988 continuing the old family tradition and becoming the first company to patent and use the “Limoncello” name now used by many other brands. In 1999, the Molinari family, famous for creating the Sambuca category, became a shareholder in “Limoncello di Capri, SrL.”

Today, Limoncello di Capri is the #1 selling Limoncello in bars and restaurants in Italy (Source: Nielsen). Produced in small batches using only IGP certified lemons grown on the Island of Capri and in the Sorrento Peninsula, Limoncello di Capri is one of the few brands of Limoncello produced using only real lemons. The lemons are hand-picked then peeled and naturally infused over a four to six day period to create a naturally infused spirit without the addition of coloring, preservatives or additives. Limoncello di Capri is the only limoncello producer that controls the entire production process including farming, distillation and bottling, ensuring quality control from start to finish.

Angelo Fizz Cocktail Recipe
Created by Gegam Kazarian

1 ½ oz Molinari Sambuca Extra
½ oz Limoncello di Capri
1 oz Lemon juice
1 oz Egg white
Sparkling water

Garnish: Rosemary, thyme or bergamot

Pour all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake well and add ice continuing shaking. Pour in a Collins glass and top with sparkling water. Garnish with rosemary, thyme and scent with bergamot.

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