Thursday, September 8, 2016

Joshua Media Ministries, International

Joshua Media Ministries, International, or JMMI, was founded by David Taylor. Taylor is a healing evangelist, prophet, and apostle who uses his connection with Jesus to heal and minister to others. His dynamic ministry is based on his personal, face to face relationship with Jesus. This close bond allows him to know what God is calling him to do, and move confidently in that direction. Taylor believes Jesus came to him and gave him a personal message, calling him to ministry, in 1999. Since then, he has received additional visits that have strengthened his resolve in spreading his ministry around the world.

Taylor particularly feels called to serve America through his ministry. He does this with his "Miracles in America Crusades" and "Prophecy to America" conferences and missions. In addition he launched the television broadcast "Miracles Today" as well as the "Latter Rain Outpouring," a live, call-in radio program.

Another calling Taylor feels particularly strongly about is his ability to interpret and relay what God is saying through dreams. He shares this information on a national and world state in order to warn others about events that may happen in the future. His belief is that by doing so, he will bring about salvation, deliverance, and victory for all continents.

In the 25 years that JMMI has been in ministry, Taylor, who is president and CEO of the organization, has developed many ministries and outreach projects. The Northeastern Headquarters of JMMI, located in Detroit, has fed thousands. JMMI has worked in third-world countries to construct water wells. The ministry also supports local food banks, offers help to women leaving abusive situations, and provides care for orphans.

Goals of JMMI include training young people how to be productive in today's society, working to bring racial equality to today and tomorrow's generation, as well as equipping these generations spread equal rights and justice throughout the world. Another passion project of JMMI is the building of "Refuge Homes," which will be dedicated to rescuing and helping to heal children involved in human slave trafficking. JMMI will offer these services free of charge, as needed. Along with these physical ministries, JMMI uses social media to increase awareness and involvement in the many issues that plague our world.

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