Monday, March 31, 2008

My MIL'S 80th Birthday Party!

We have been planning a surprise party for my Mother in Law Sarah for months! We finally pulled it off this past Saturday and it was a Surprise! My husband, my mother and me spent 12 hours on Friday cooking food for my MIL'S party and were exhausted! We had the surprise birthday party for Sarah on Saturday and it was a really nice party! We had 2 cakes for the party..which was nice since we had so many party guests!

The cake above was custom made just for this party and it was totally edible, including the flowers! Sarah loves to plant flowers so we thought it would be appropiate for her. We had a great time visiting with family and friends.

Happy 80th Birthday Sarah!

~* Shelly *~


Healthy Perspectives said...

Sarah looks awesome for an 80 year old woman! The flowers and cake look beautiful. You guys did a wonderful job and I'm glad you all had a great party.


Merrianne & Spencer said...

WOW! The cake is awesome :)
She looks great for being 80!