Monday, April 6, 2009

8 Months Along and Still Chugging Along....

Our daughter is now 8 months along with her pregnancy and feels as big as a tug boat! I must say, its a tad funny to see her waddle around now.

She has had some complications the past 2 weeks with her gall bladder which her doctor says a lot of preggie women develope gall bladder problems during their pregnancy.

I think seeing a pregnant woman's belly is a beautiful thing, I had to bribe my daughter to let me take more pictures of her for my scrapbook as she doesn't find it pretty any more now that she is larger and getting stretch marks.

Anyway, I have been busy preparing for her Baby Shower that I am hosting on the 25th of this month, hopefully Jenelle will make it to her own shower! They have caught her having a few contractions here and there and I told her that if she delivers around that time...well, we will just party without her LOL

To date: She has gained 38 lbs with her pregnancy.

~* Shelly *~

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Healthy Perspectives said...

She has a beautiful belly. How time flies. It seemed like yesterday you announced you're going to become a Grandma.

She looks wonderful and glowy as all pregnant women are.

LOL! You can't party without her. Yuu'll be in the delivery room. I'll party for you both!