Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Shower Pictures!

Yesterday (Saturday) was our daughter Jenelle's baby shower!

I have around 350 photo's to get developed, so you will have to take a little peek at a few I got from my digital camera. Next week I will post a few more :)

Photo of 2 baby shower cakes! Sorry, the flash hates white colored items! One was in a Care Bears theme and one was in a baby rainbow theme.

This is a photo of Jenelle with her best friend Sara who was gracious enough to help me out during the baby shower.

Picture of Jenelle, Sara and Mommy #2 (Sarah's mom)

Next photo is of Jenelle and her friend Tiffany and they are both pregnant!

Shelly with daughter #2 Sarah!

Jenelle opening up some of the gifts for baby Gianna.

Overall, we had a great time but my hubby and I are both exhausted! (not to mention broke, no one told me that baby showers cost $1,000 these days!)



Darlene said...

Love the photos Shelly. Jenelle looks wonderful. Can't wait to see more now.
The cakes look delicious. Did you save a piece for me? LOL

Sophia said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos. You and Jenelle looks fabulous and it's great to see Big Rrn too. lol

I hope you ate a piece of cake for me.


Sophia said...

Sorry typo. Ern.

Tammy said...

Shelly...these photos are awesome. It looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Looking forward to pics of the baby!! :D