Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chocolate Lollipop Baby Shower Favors!

Our daughters baby shower is almost here! It will be on Saturday April 25th.

So far I have made:

75 paper cupcake boxes that I filled with chocolate candies and 75 baby girl themed bookmarks with tassles. You can see them ---------> HERE

Jenelle's beautiful care bear theme diaper cake is at -----> HERE

Yesterday I made 50 pink colored chocolate lollipops in a baby buggy shape. I still need to make another 25 lollipops later this week. (picture is up above).

I also made 75 cute little white gift bags with yellow rubber ducky's on the front and filled them with goodies for the shower guests. (will get picture of those).

Since there will be a lot of children at the shower (about 24 of them) I bought little coloring books (12 pages) and mini packs of crayons, I figured they needed a party favor too and it would hopefully keep them busy!

You can find FREE Crafting Patterns and Projects over on my official crafting blog at Passionate About Crafting ---> HERE


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