Friday, April 10, 2009

What is Success?

I came across this poem last night while reading a book. I just thought it was beautiful and meaningful so I wanted to share it with all of my blog readers.

What is Success?

It's doing your work the best you can,
And being just to your fellow man;
It's making money, but holding friends,
And staying true to your aims and ends;
It's figuring how and learning why,
And looking forward and thinking high,
And dreaming a little and doing much;
It's keeping always in closest touch
With what is finest in work and deed;
It's being thorough, yet making speed,
It's daring blithely the field of chance
While making labor a brave romance.
It's going onward despite defeat,
It's being lean and it's playing fair;
It's laughing lightly at Dame Despair;
It's looking up to the stars above,
And thinking deeply of life and love;
It's struggling on with the will to win
But taking loss with a cheerful grin;
It's sharing sorrow, and work and mirth
And making better this good old earth;
It's serving, striving, through strain and stress
It's doing your noblest--- That's success!

- Anonymous

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Elizabeth said...

Thank you for sharing that poem about success. It is very lovely, true, and makes you think, always a good thing!