Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fostering 3 New Kitties!!!

A week ago I was sitting on my sofa and all of a sudden her some kitties crying so I went over to my patio door and saw a ball of fur. As I opened the door and went outside...I found 3 tiny little kitties huddled between my air conditioner and brick patio wall. There was no mom in sight at the time so I brought them in, cleaned them up and fed them some kitty formula that I had on hand. Later that day I took them back outside in a comfy warm cat carrier and placed it on my patio and a few hours later momma cat came back.

For the past week I have been feeding momma cat and the 3 babies and I am desperately trying to talk hubby into letting me keep the little light gray one and to bring "her" indoors to live with us. In a few weeks once the kitties are bigger, a local rescue group is going to take them and adopt them out. In the mean time...I am mom #2 and helping the real kitty mom take care of her darling little kittens.


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Natalie A. said...

They are so cute! You are so kind to take care of them all! I hope your hubby will let you keep one! :) Have a great weekend!