Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year ~ New Me!

Now that it is officially the year 2011 I am going to work hard on changing several things in my personal and professional life. I wouldn't call them resolutions but more like self improvement goals of things I want to accomplish during the 2011 year.

Professionally Speaking:

1. I am streamlining some old business projects and this week will be adding a new business to my current line up. I am confident I will be successful on all of my business projects as I have a fantastic business partner on a current business project so we are starting a second business together. Fun!

2. I am going to update my business knowledge this year by taking a few more online business courses. Educating yourself and staying updated on current business things & technology is always a plus.

3. Continue to work as hard as I always do as success comes to those who are committed to what they are doing and hard work always pays off in the long run.

4. Not going to worry myself with how unprofessional business folks act and distance myself from them.

Personal Goals:

1. I would like to loose this last 16 lbs of water weight I have on me from a long illness I suffered with last summer. Lost 45% of it but need to finish losing the rest so that I get back down to my normal weight.

2. Listen to my doctors more as they only have my best interest in mind. I refuse to sit around and feel self pity for myself or dwell on my health problems as no one gets better doing that. I need to remain positive and to surround myself with positve people. Negative folks will only bring you down and I need to remember that and avoid that.

3. Spend more time with my wonderful husband, fantastic daughter and beautiful grand daughter. These 3 people mean the world to me.

4. Work on remodeling projects with the hubby at the house we purchased last year and we are currently renting it out to a family member. Love remodeling!

5. Plant a bigger garden this year as compared to previous years so I can freeze and can my food haul for next winter.

A lot of goals I want to accomplish. This post will be great to remind me in future weeks and months on what I need to do to stay on track.

Happy 2011 everyone!


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