Thursday, March 17, 2011

~ Almost ~ Wordless Wednesday Post! A Day Late!

My oh my...time sure does fly and I am really enjoying my new role in life as a grandmother to my precious little 22 month old grand daughter Gia. In this photo to the left, Miss gia was watching a DVD with her Nanny for a product review on my Two Classy Chics Blog and she was sporting her new pink shoes from UMI also a product review. My little cutie pootie model loves helping Nanny with her product reviews!

When I was first told that my daughter was pregnant over 2 years ago I was laying in a hospital (had been there for 2 months) and I had given up fighting and just wanted the misery to be over. When my daughter walked into my hospital room and told me she was pregant and showed me the ultra sound photo...I immediately decided that I had to fight this awful disease called Porphyria. I had to be here for my daughter and I had to be here for the baby. When Miss Gia was born...I was in the delivery room and it was the BEST day of my life! I am so thankful that I have my daughter Jenelle and grand daughter Gia in my life.

So...yet ALMOST wordless wednesday post!

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blueviolet said...

She's precious!!! That's really fun that you have a little one to help you with your reviews too. I can see where she'd be the motivation to fight your health issues. :)