Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feeling Unappreciated....

For the past few days I have been feeling unappreciated by family and friends and I really dislike feeling this way. As a person who is chronically ill and on home nursing care, I still work a full-time business from home and I keep my home clean and meals on the table. You know...I could sit around and watch soap operas all day long and eat bonbons and doughnuts but no...I bust my dang butt to make sure that things get done.

So, I am feeling really unappreciated because sometimes I think folks expect even more out of me or from me than what I am already giving which I think that I give too much as it is. I rarely have time for myself or time to do the things I like to do which is craft, scrapbooking, walk outdoors, etc. because I am always overloaded with work (in the house or business work). It really hurts to feel this way and I am sure that my unappreciated feeling will pass in a few days but this week...it is how I feel!

I think this weekend I will take some time off and just do the things that I want to do. Perhaps unplug from the web and lock myself in my craft room for a few hours! Or, maybe I can pester the husband to take me out for some dinner and shopping. Anyway....does anyone else ever feel like they bust their butts and then at the end of the day you feel like your hard work isn't appreciated by those around you?

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