Monday, February 27, 2012

clipix - Will help you organize online photos and ideas!

Have you ever heard of the online web site called clipix yet? If not, today I am going to tell you a little bit about it. Clipix is a FREE to use web site where you can organized all of those recipes, home decorating ideas, craft projects, scrapbooking layouts, fashion finds, etc. that you find online. Organizing them all on Clipix is a great way to remind yourself about them a few weeks or months from now. Clipix is FREE and very easy to use!

When you open up your online clipix account you will immediately see how cool this tool is. You will want to read the brief instructions and then add clipix to your toolbar favorites. You will then create a few personal clipboards and name them. I have clipboards for craft ideas, fashion finds, home dec ideas, recipes and one for scrapbook layout ideas. You can make as many clipboards as you need and use them for all kinds of things!

Now when you are surfing around online and want to save those ideas and/or images you simply click on the icon in your tool bar and clipix will add it to the clipboard that you want it to be on. Here is a screen shot of one of my personal scrapbooking clipboards where I saved a few photos of scrapbooking layouts that I found online and liked, hopefully I can use those scrapbooking ideas with my next scrapbook I plan on starting later next week.

You can access your online clipboards from anywhere in the world and at any time. You can even set up PUBLIC clipboards where your friends and family can view your clipboards and you can share information back and forth. I think this is a great option as you can ask your friends & family members for opinions on the things that you clipped to your clipboard and they can ask you for your opinion on things they have clipped to their clipboards. Isn't that way cool? I think so!

You can check out this really cool YouTube Video to found out even more about clipix and how easy this tool is to use.'s totally FREE!

I can see this free tool being used to clip recipes, craft projects, home decorating ideas, wedding ideas for new brides, build a virtual wardrobe of current and in-style clothing trends, travel destinations that you someday want to visit and so much more! How do you think you would use clipix? There is even an iPhone App for clipix that you can use so that you can use/view your clipboards via your smart phone too!

I have been totally addicted to clipix since I opened up my account a few weeks ago. I have various clipboards that I am sharing with a few of my select family members and friends and let me tell you, it has been nice to get their feedback on the things I have showed them.

I would like to invite you to visit clipix today and open up a FREE account and get busy clipping your favorite things! Once you do, come back here and tell us what you clipped and how you plan on using clipix for your own personal needs! I am just loving this free Clipix tool and I am looking forward to making a few more clipboards next week!

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