Thursday, February 23, 2012

We Have 3 New Mallard Ducks on Our Property!!!

My mom and I headed out today for a nice 2 mile walk through the neighborhood and on our property as the weather was just beautiful here today in South Central PA. (near 60 degrees in February is unheard of around here!). (CLICK ON PHOTOS to ENLARGE THEM).

Anyway...we have 2 small streams that run through our property and as we were checking out the beauty of the stream we found 3 adult ducks! As you can see from my photos..2 were male and 1 was a female (she is the brown one).

These 2 male ducks chased her around something fierce this afternoon and were definitely trying to get her attention. I am not sure if it is mating season for ducks or what...but she was letting them close to her (at times) and then at other times she was pushing them away.
I just love wildlife so it was very nice to sit on the bench and watch the ducks today and after a few minutes they did come up close to us and wanted us to feed them. (I didn't have any ducky food on me though).

We did locate the female's nest but we didn't touch it. We could clearly see though that there were no ducky eggs inside of it. Hopefully in a few months we will have some baby ducks running around the property.

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