Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Does Friendship Mean to You?

Yesterday I spent some time meditating and thinking about the word "Friendship" and what it means to me. As a mature adult (at age 45), I am sure it means something different to me, than what it does to my 27 year old daughter. As we age and mature...our thoughts and feelings on things change.

Anyway, I have several close friends in my life who I share everything and anything with. I would do anything in the world to help those "handful" of friends, at anytime of the day or night. Beyond those few friends, I have casual friends...people who I would help, but I wouldn't give up everything to help them. You know what I mean!!! You have your BEST girlfriends and then...just friends!

Today, I wanted to share what "Friendship Means to Me" with all of you.

* A friend will be there to lend you an ear when you just need to talk. That friend won't pass judgement on you and will make time for you when you really need for them to just listen. That friend won't be self-centered and always change the conversation into what they want to talk about.

* A best friend would give you the shirt off their back if it meant you would have clothing and be warm. A casual friend...most likely, wouldn't give up things to help you out in a pinch.

* A best friend would realize that you have enough on your "plate" and wouldn't add their own drama to your dinner plate. What I mean is this...if I am going through a rough time dealing with my own medical problems, a real friend would realize that I can't and shouldn't have to deal with their drama too. There is only so much that one individual can handle, at one particular time and often times, I get over-loaded with trying to deal with my own situation and then others come along and drops theirs onto me.

* A best friend is not paranoid that you are running around gossiping about them. A true best friend knows that you love them, are there for them and that your friendship is solid. A person who doesn't think very highly of you or your friendship, runs around being paranoid that you are gossiping about them, turning on them and all kinds of things...which were/are simply not TRUE. Yes...a friendship is a 2-way street, but you shouldn't have to spend every waking minute of the day convincing a good/best friend that you are there for them and that your friendship is rock-solid. When it gets to the point that they "think" differently, it just ZAPS your energy down into the dirt.

* A best friend doesn't run around behind your back spreading gossip, lies, rumors, etc. and then LIE about them when confronted. Matter of fact, if this was your BEST FRIEND, this wouldn't even be a topic of conversation because best friends (true friends) don't do that.

What I have learned about "friendship" over the years is this...Friends come and go...but your BEST friends are always there. My one best friend Renee has been my BFF since we were 5 years old, that is a solid 40 year friendship! Renee would do anything for me and I would do anything for her! There is no drama between us and there never has been...EVER!

At my ripe age of 45...I have learned to stay away from the "drama" that others cause as it affects me and my health in very negative ways. I choose to keep my circle of "friends" to a small tight-nit group and frankly, I just prefer it that way.

What does friendship mean to you?

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