Monday, March 4, 2013

My Newest Landscaping Want - Dolphin Statue!

When we were down at our beach house back in September, I spotted this gorgeous dolphin statue in one of our neighbor's front yard. This statue is quite large...about 5 foot tall and is absolutely gorgeous! I love how they planted a variety of flowers around the base which really shows it off nicely and adds a "pop of color" to it.

So, I am adding this dolphin statue (well, something like it) to my landscaping "WANT LIST" and hopefully I can find something similar this spring to put into my own yard. It is really hard to find things like this in south central PA, so perhaps, another trip to the Jersey Shore is on-tap for this Spring. (I don't want to wait until June when we go down).

Isn't it gorgeous? I think so! If you know where I can find one like that, let me know!

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