Thursday, March 14, 2013

Check Out This Family-Friendly dentist in Fort Worth

Guest post by Lonnie T

The last thing parents wish to do is to go or take their children to dentists who do not understand the needs and the fears of their patients. They don't want themselves or their children to be scared of seeing the dentist.

However, this dentist in fort worth office offers a calm, family-friendly approach to dentistry. The office is clean and inviting with a staff that is both welcoming and respectful of children and adult patients. Monarch Dental appreciates those who walk through their doors and become regular clients.

The dentists are geared toward working more with their patients than with paperwork. In fact, their motto is "Smiles for Everyone"--children and adults alike.

The office is located in a safe, accessible location. All the dentists are skilled and experienced. They seek to provide a high-quality of service, spending whatever time necessary to calm fears, properly diagnose problems and go above and beyond to alleviate pain and solve the situation with teeth or gums. The dentists with this dentist in fort worth office take the time to explain the problem and the procedures they will use to alleviate the problem. They make sure their patients are fully aware of the situation before doing the work.

The dentists will do whatever it takes to create or keep a smile on the faces of their patients. This includes braces, regular check-ups and cleaning, different cosmetic procedures, dental crowns or implants, root canals and X-rays as needed.

Monarch Dental in Fort Worth realizes their patients are not "made of money" and that needed dental procedures can be costly. While they take most dental insurance plans, they know many do not carry dental insurance. The office offers payment plans and even discounts that save patients up to 35%!