Saturday, March 30, 2013

DIY: How We Repainted Our Old House Shutters

Newly Painted Shutters
We moved into our new (old) house back in January of 2013 and have been remodeling it from top to bottom. Seriously, we have yanked out all of the carpeting and replaced it with new ones. We yanked out the old wood flooring and replaced that too!

All rooms in the house got a fresh coat of paint! The kitchen got new appliances, new kitchen cabinets, new countertops and a new tile floor. The only thing left to do in our kitchen is to replace the main kitchen light and hand some pendant lighting above the kitchen bar.

We have really been tearing apart the inside of this house, gutting it and remodeling it. The previous home owners didn't update it or modernize it over the years at all.
Old Disgusting Shutters
The photo above shows the ugly old and faded window shutters...ewwww!

In a few months we are getting our ugly white siding painted but in the meantime we wanted to paint our ugly and faded pale blue shutters. We headed out to Lowe's and purchased 8 spray cans of exterior outdoor paint with primer in a pretty dark country blue color.

Once we got home, we pulled down all of our shutters and just laid them out onto the lawn. We painted each one using this colored paint with primer and each shutter took about 5 minutes to spray. We then left them dry in the warm sunshine for 8 hours and hung them back up.

The eight spray cans we purchased did all 20 shutters that we had. Our shutters are made out of a heavy duty plastic and were 15 years old. Due to the sun and weather elements, over those 15 years they became dull and faded. We hated them....until we sprayed them dark country blue. Wow, what a difference they have made to the exterior of our home!

The entire project took us only one day (both hubby and I worked on it) and it was done! Total cost $48.00 to paint them all! When buying your spray MUST buy exterior paint with the primer in it. If you don't...the paint can and will run when water hits it.

I probably won't stick with the country blue shutters in the long-run because our new house siding will be a sandy color (beachy color) and our woodwork trim will be done in white. Once the exterior gets painted, we are going to buy new shutters and go with white ones or a dark olive green...not sure yet! However, we are very pleased with spending the $48.00 now and updating the shutters. It looks nice and will hold us over until we get the new siding done.

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