Friday, April 5, 2013

Tired of the Dog Crap in our Yard!

We finally moved into our new home back in January of 2013 and ever since that time...we have watched the neighbor's 3 big dogs come over into our back yard and take their daily craps! We are so stinking tired of it!

(Neighbors dog crap! I have been taking pics and documenting this mess)

Back in the Fall when we started remodeling the home and making arrangements to move into it, we told the neighbors that they needed to keep their dogs out of our yard. They have 3 very large dogs and we noticed over 50+ crappy land mines sprinkled throughout our yard. Matter of fact, we have told them several times in the past 6 months to keep their dogs in their own yard!

Well...they haven't listened to us at all and we are fed up with!

We have tried sprinkling Cayenne Pepper Powder down our property line to keep the dogs out of here and that hasn't worked! We then bought moth balls and threw those out along the property line and that hasn't worked either!

A few days ago we went over to Lowe's and bought a canister of dog repellent granules which cost us $19.00 and threw those along our property line (the entire length of our property that borders their property) and guess what? Their 3 freaking dogs are still coming over here DAILY (sometimes twice a day) to take their crap!

We have tried ever "natural" thing that we read online to keep those dang dogs off our property and nothing has worked...NOTHING! We are so fed up with this because we have NO dogs and if we did, we sure in heck would not let them go over and crap in the neighbor's yard! ugh!

Does anyone know of anything we can do to keep these dogs off our property? I really hate to call the police and the township about this but we want it stopped! We are planting a veggie garden and some flower beds next week and we don't want these stinking dogs shitting up our yard anymore!

Any suggestions? Advice? Something?????

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