Friday, April 19, 2013

My New Amish Crafted Porch Swing Arrived

I purchased a beautiful Amish handcrafted porch swing from back in early April and it finally arrived! A few hours after it's arrival, I had my hubby and his employee Tom out in our back yard assembling and hanging my new swing!

Back when I was a little aunt and uncle put up a swing for my brother and I to play on. It has been over 20 years since that metal swing holder has actually held a swing! Now that hubby and I bought the house and moved into it...we sanded off all of the old rusty paint and repainted it blue to match our house trim and window shutters.

It took the two guys about 30 minutes to assemble the swing and another 5 minutes to get it hung up. I spent a good 40 minutes outside that very first night just sitting on my swing and enjoying the nice Spring weather we have been having.

While sitting on the swing, I realized that I can see both of our side yards and our back yard all from that swing and I spotted two new bird's nests and I think I finally have residents in my one handcrafted wooden birdhouse. I am going to check on that tomorrow!

Another positive to having this new little grand daughter Princess Gia loves coming over to Nanny's house and swinging with me! Yay for that!

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