Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mom Bloggers and Dirty Competition

I have been blogging online for over 5 years now and I own or co-own 7 successful online blogs. My business partner and I own the highly successful Two Classy Chics blog and have been running that blog since January of 2010. We both love blogging, but we both hate the bull shit that comes along with it!

For the past 2 years we have been the target of some jealous mom bloggers and we have never done anything to these bloggers. Heck, for the most part, we don't even know who they are or which blogs they own (nor do we care). I think it's quite petty, immature and really unprofessional that mom bloggers can't all get along. We are indeed adults and we should act like adults when conducting our businesses online.

During the past 2 years, here is just a small sampling of some of the shit we have had to endure:

* Rude and negative comments left on our blogs via fake IDs and Anon names.

* Several of these bloggers sit around in online chat rooms, private Yahoo groups, send out group emails to their buddies and when at professional blogging conferences, sit around and gossip about other bloggers. What the heck is that about??? Really people?

* A few bloggers have went as far to contact our sponsors and advertisers...offering their blog, their writing services and other nonsense to them....telling them they can do a better job than us! WTH? Yes folks, there are bloggers out there who will come to your blog, contact your sponsors and email them garbage about you! We know this as FACT since some of our sponsors are also clients of our ghostwriting business & have forwarded some of these emails to us over the years! Shameful behavior for sure!

* Recently...someone or some group has been targeting our blogs and sending nonsense complaints to search engines (you know who I mean and it begins with a G) and the purpose of that is to try to get our Page Ranks yanked or get us in some type of trouble with the big G. Whatever...go ahead and do that because we are VERY by the book bloggers and unlike others...we don't scam the system by labeling paid posts as "GUEST POSTS" and other nonsense. That's right bloggers, other bloggers know that they are indeed PAID POSTS! How about being real and being honest and labeling them as such???? How about that!!!

* Someone sat on our TCC Facebook page for about a month and was flagging a bunch of our LEGAL & PROFESSIONAL posts left & right trying to get our page shut down for spam! Geesh, do you not have anything better to do with your time????

All kinds of things have been done to us over the years and said about us. We have always taken the HIGH ROAD and kept the information to ourselves instead of blogging about it on our TCC business blog and being unprofessional (hence why this bitch post is going on my personal blog). The few things that I mentioned above are just a TINY sampling of what has been done to us or the gossip/lies that has gotten back to us.

There is enough room on the internet for us all....competition can be a good thing when both parties act like professionals. We take competition as we must work harder & work smarter. We don't take it as...hey, let's run around and figure out how to mess with the competitive bloggers? Nope, we don't do that because we are indeed the REAL PROFESSIONALS and will not stoop to the level of those who want to play games!

Well....there is my big gripe & bitch fest for today. Just remember this.... Karma...what goes around, comes around!


Chris said...

Amen! I cannot understand why women go to these extents to harm other women. Mom blogging started as a SUPPORT system between other moms and Shel and I have been around since way back then. The younger crowd that has come up in the past few years are disrespectful and think they are all that and a bag of chips. What really is the purpose of hurting another person? Does that make you feel better, really? I am so glad that you can sleep at night. Personally, bullying someone is an issue that kids struggle with so I am thinking... are they learning this from their mother? So sad.

Mariah Lockwood said...

I hope that most companies that would be exposed to such inappropriate attacks on others would have good instincts and know the attacker (the so called "helpful person") is unprofessional.

These people doing all the things you mentioned are going to ruin themselves as companies wise up and realize they are dealing with nut jobs who are unprofessional.

Terrible things that people will do out there, and so undeserved that you would be attacked like that! And lets face it, they are just jealous of you! It is just sinful what people will do... *shaking my head in disbelief* I guess in a way you should be flattered. *wink*