Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Home Improvement Project: New Outdoor Porch Lights

The home we purchased and moved into is an older home (built in the late 1960's) and the previous owners never updated it or modernized it. We have been gutting the home inside & out since May of 2012 and remodeling all kinds of things to bring the home into the 21st Century. (photo above shows the new outside porch lights...pretty!).

Last weekend it was time to yank out the ugly, rusted and very outdated outside porch lights and install some new ones! It only took hubby about 5 minutes to have the ugly ones off and another 5 to 7 minutes to have the pretty new ones on!

We purchased the 2 outdoor porch lights from and we love to shop their site for the various home improvement supplies that we need. Often times, they are a lot cheaper than our local home improvement store.

We picked out square shaped porch lights done in an antique bronze finish. They are energy-efficient and use energy-efficient light bulbs. They look nice with our new window shutters, lampost and other outdoor items we have been adding to the house!

Next weekend we are tackling 3 other outdoor lights and replacing those too! We are really pleased with how many things we are getting done around the house!

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